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Instead of dichotomizing the policy and administration, this book integrates two fields to provide a more holistic view on the Korean public sector. The book also attempts to overcome simplified explanations on the developmental state theory. The book aims to explain who the key actors are during the post-democratization period, how the administrative systems reform, and what kinds of social problems are transformed into public policies.

This explanation suggests that the role of government shifts from a dominant actor to an actor within a complex network governance. This book will be a useful reference to anyone who wishes to learn more about the experience of the Korean development and the role of administration and policy. While every attempt has been made to ensure stock availability, occasionally we do run out of stock at our stores.

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Torfing, Jacob Tao, Julia Ramesh, National University of Singapore Series: Comparative Development and Policy in Asia Exploring the rise of the regulatory state in Asia, especially on governance and state capacity, this volume examines the challenges when policy areas become more market-oriented, comparing different policy instruments, adopted for example in telecommunications, education and health. It argues that the Asian regulatory state is always shaped by local circumstances. Telecoms Liberalization and Regulatory Reform 5.

Marketizing Health Management and Regulatory Reform 7. It contributes to the most recent developments in research by providing impressively rich studies to test existing theoretical frameworks Selected Contents: Part 1: Introduction and Theoretical Issues 1. Regional Organisations as Actors in International Relations. Hilpert and Klaus-Jochem Kecker 5.

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Frank Umbach 7. Beyond the Taboos? Series: Routledge Contemporary Asia Series A global debate has emerged within Islam about how to coexist with democracy. This book places the debate in a specifically Asian context, showing how Muslims in Asia have adapted flexibly and creatively to the pluralism with which they have lived, and are likely to continue to do so.

Series: Routledge Contemporary Asia Series This book offers a fresh and comparative approach in questioning what education is being used for and what the effects of the politicization of education are on Asian societies in the era of globalization. Selected Contents: Preface Mike Apple. Introduction Marie Lall and Edward Vickers 1. India — Returning to the Roots or Opening up to the World?

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Safman 8. Japan — The Inescapability of Politics? This book gives a critical assessment of the ASEM process, which now brings together all 27 EU members, the European Commission and 16 East Asian states, and examines its progress in terms of economic and social development, politics and culture. ASEM and Multilateralism 4. Edited by Amrita Daniere, Universityof Toronto at Mississauga, Canada and Mike Douglass, University of Hawaii, USA Series: Routledge Contemporary Asia Series This book explores how and why civic spaces are used by different communities in different cities of Asia in terms of their contribution to urban governance and public participation, and what role they play in the support or demise of communities.

Edited by Milton J. The insightful papers in this collection, published initially as a Special Double Issue of The International Journal of Human Rights, explore the place of equality in Asia-Pacific societies. Edited by Curtis Milhaupt, Columbia University, USA, Kon-Sik Kim, Seoul National University, South Korea and Hideki Kanda, University of Tokyo, Japan This book examines the most important recent corporate governance changes in East Asia and the challenges still to be overcome with focused, indepth legal analysis on specific issues facing the separate systems in the wake of the voluminous reforms and market changes of the past decade.

Milhaupt Part 1: Japan 1. This book explores how disease patterns and health problems in Asia and the Pacific, and collective responses to them, have been shaped over time by cultural, economic, social, demographic, environmental and political factors.

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A History of Public Health in Korea 5. History of Public Health in Modern India: 6. A Modern History of Leprosy in Vietnam 8. Vidyamali Samarasinghe, American University, Washington DC, USA Series: Routledge International Studies of Women and Place The book argues that strategies for prevention of female sex trafficking should not be universalized but should be contextualized on the basis of country-specific ground situations.

Definitions and Analytical Approaches 3. Femininization of Global Human Exchange 4. Nepal Young, Female and Vulnerable 5.

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The Philippines: Looking for Greener Pastures 7. Faceless and Anonymous: An Overview of Demand 8. The Regional Context 3. Connectivity in the Marshall Islands Dirk Spennemann 3. Introduction Stephanie Hemelryk Donald 8. The Mekong Project. This edited volume provides a critical review of political communication research conducted in Asia over the past 20 years.

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Each chapter focuses on studies published in a specific Asian country, selected according to the level of contribution made to the field of political communication in Asia. Political Communication Research in Taiwan 4. Political Communication in Singapore 5. Political Communication in Japan 8. Political Communication in India Conclusion. This book analyzes the successes and failures of various federal measures adopted in India, Pakistan and Malaysia for the political accommodation of diversity.

Concept of Federalism and its Relevance 2.

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Ethno-National Diversity in Asia 3. Institutional Innovations and Federal Governance 6. Political Dynamics of Federalism 7. Federalism and Decentralisation 8.

CentreState Relations in Asian Federations 9. It also theorizes and empirically explores the relationships between civil society and the production of urban spaces. Civil Society for Itself and in the Public Sphere 3.

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Governing Cities 4. Chinese Public Space 6. The Pavement as Civic Space 9.